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Anyone know how to write advanced macros in Word?

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SueGeneris Wed 17-Aug-16 19:41:54

I'm a copy editor and I need to write some sort of advanced macro to help me with styling long documents.

It's not as simple as a straightforward macro.

So, for example, I need Word to do this:

Find any text that is styled using one specific style. Find every para in that style that starts with a number followed by a full stop. Convert each number to bold, delete full stop, add square brackets in bold, delete any tab characters or spaces and add a single space.

It's driving me bananas (and wasting so much time on a per page rate!) converting 1-72 from 1. to [1] etc for multiple documents when surely I could automate this somehow.

Can I actually do this in Word? I cannot use automatically numbered lists due to typesetting issues.

If anyone has any clues or can point me to any internet resources to help, I would be very grateful!

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