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Massage therapy course

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Arinjo Thu 02-Jun-16 03:25:13

Has anyone completed a massage therapy course and made a successful business of it? I have been thinking of enrolling on a course and was wondering if this was a viable option? Thank you.

IceMaiden73 Thu 02-Jun-16 09:40:06

I have had a few clients who have done this, but it is hard work and they usually offer other treatments too

Massage is hard work so there would be a limit to how many you can do in a day

A few things to think about

1. Where would you do it?
2. Don't forget if you are mobile you will have to carry a large massage table, etc with you. Also, you will have lost time due to travel between
3. Would you be available out of hours, as many people would be at work during the day
4. How much would you need to be earning? Have you worked out if this is possible?
5. What would happen if you were sick / injured?

It is possible to make a business out of it, but it is hard work, takes a long time to build up a client base, and is not going to bring you a huge amount of income

Arinjo Thu 02-Jun-16 17:41:24

Thank you. Lots to think about indeed.

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