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Anyone want to aim to earn £100,000 in the next12 months?

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whydidhesaythat Mon 30-May-16 13:06:24

my kids are getting more independent, the contract lawyer market is booming so being up north matters less than it did, I've kept up my skills working part time for a dozen years earning about £35,000.

oh, and I've got no bloody pension.

Could this possibly be my time?
Anyone else out there?

icanteven Sat 11-Jun-16 12:33:09

Quite late to the thread, but I know how you feel and I'm DEFINITELY hoping for that this year, but I'm more likely to have a turnover of 100k in the next 12 months, which is very different!

whydidhesaythat Tue 14-Jun-16 21:56:24

Ah, good point,I tend to forget about costs
Have you got a costs of sale issue?

icanteven Thu 16-Jun-16 07:20:56

My staff. smile but no offices or overheads, or a manufactured product.

What about you?

whydidhesaythat Thu 16-Jun-16 18:41:48

almost nothing (professional services).

Or so I thought.

Have spent £175 on a book, countless hours of ubilled time, I never invoice my printing costs, I do "possible client" visits for free.

And that's just within the past month...

But no staff. How many do you have? I admire you for taking the responsibiity

whydidhesaythat Fri 17-Jun-16 11:08:40

I suppose what I'm trying to say that ignoring/writing off my overheads is part of a bad pattern I have of not taking it all seriously enough - and therefore not getting close to the amount I want to earn.

poocatcherchampion Fri 17-Jun-16 17:42:48

I'm not in for that much - more like £25k but am just starting out on my own so it is going to be a big job.

Pitching for work here there and every where at the mo

whydidhesaythat Fri 17-Jun-16 18:22:34

so let's think percentages then
I am one month in and10% toward target

springwaters Fri 01-Jul-16 18:51:17

Depends how you define earnings

Are you taking income plus dividends minus personal income tax and then comparing it to the take home of someone of £100K.

JaneAustinAllegro Fri 01-Jul-16 18:54:52

that was my target in January and it was going bang on target until I had two invoices totalling £15k unpaid by a client who may have hit the wall :-( And I incurred hundreds of pounds in travel and childcare to earn that. Galling beyond belief.

whydidhesaythat Fri 08-Jul-16 21:40:27

Sorry to hear that Jane,how do we pick ourselves up from these setbacks?

I Lost focus for a week with Brexit grief- as you do....
Now I have a client that is tending to set low billing expectations and I keep doing more and more for them....
I really need to watch that

whydidhesaythat Fri 08-Jul-16 21:41:47

Spring.... I am thinking turnover less costs

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