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Grants / funding for business helping others?

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SensoryHelpInfo Sun 29-May-16 23:57:13

I have been trying to find information for some time and I am not getting very far.

I work for an Independant Paediatric Occupational Therapist who specialises in Sensory Integration Therapy. We are trying so hard to find options to expand the business in order to meet the huge demand. Being highly qualified in this area is not common and waiting times can be rather long due to this.

The issue we have is freelance is difficult to recruit for as (understandably) people are nervous to leave the security of the NHS etc. In order to get someone on board we need some kind of grant but are not a registered charity, so this is where we a little stuck. The current way of treatment being paid for can mean that said payment is up to 6 months after. (being deliberately vague for confidentiality reasons here).

Does anyone know of any options available for people who offer therapy? Or charity partnerships to consider? Approaching the council and organisations have drawn a blank.

The process and time required to become a charity is not really a viable option for us at this time. We have had professional help looking into this option, so haven't just written it off, rather something for after we have expanded. Taking on a substantial loan is not going to be a sensible way for us to do this either.

The service is to help kids, the majority from adoption and foster care backgrounds, who desperately need this to function in daily life, definitely not just an option to make profit. In fact the opposite really as R&D for the OT paediatric area is the next goal.

I would appreciate any information or tips that people are aware for situations like this. If you read this far, thank you.

gottogetdressed Fri 03-Jun-16 15:30:14

I think partnering with a charity, as you suggest is a good idea. If you can find an organisation local to you who can see the benefits of your service, and how it fits into their own services/supports their beneficiaries, then they may well be able to fundraise for the service alongside their own core work.

I don't know exactly what you offer, but maybe a good place to start would be a larger charity like Nordoff Robins who offer Music Therapy to adults and young people. They may be too specific for you, but may be able to offer ideas on other organisations you could work with?

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