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Is Greengrow or anyone from 1K club still around?

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teddyisagreatcat Wed 04-May-16 16:40:25

Have been pondering about 1k club thread for some time. Anyone from 1K club, are you still doing it?

InMySpareTime Thu 12-May-16 15:39:20

I'm a £1ker, still storytelling, business growing slowly as word of mouth gets round.

MsHaveNaiceHam Tue 17-May-16 22:16:50

Oh funny- I was on the IK thread (a different username- I change often). I saw a thread on Active and thought I'd check in here.
I remember you inmysparetime.

I was really fired up by that thread and I'd love to regenerate the discussion. Or even advice from people who have built to that 1K level- what next?

InMySpareTime Wed 18-May-16 07:04:00

1K level is still some way off for me, a few of us are in a FB group now, but that has some muggles non-MNers in too.
Some of those make nearer that level, but £300 a day really is top of what the market will bear for storytelling!

teddyisagreatcat Tue 24-May-16 07:21:33

Inmysparetime, would you mind sharing the FB group details? Really need some inspiration and if there is nothing on MN would love to join the group on FB.

InMySpareTime Tue 24-May-16 10:04:09

It's a secret group, PM me your RL name and I'll join you.

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