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Police Officer New Direction. Anyone done it?

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Thevirginmummy1 Sat 23-Apr-16 20:20:13

Has anyone left the Police and gone into another job or whole different career? If so what? Also what skills/experience did you find best on your CV and where is best to send your cv to?

Rachcakes Tue 16-Aug-16 11:23:02

My husband left last year to become a painter and decorator. Not sure what skills he took from the police - maybe the ability to work long hours and talk to people from all backgrounds?
He's really happy and hasn't looked back.
Another friend went from neighbourhood policing into social work, which seems to make sense. She was doing a lot of work with vulnerable people and said that's what her job had become anyway. With social work she could focus on that as a career rather than being pulled in different directions.

wizzywig Tue 16-Aug-16 11:25:04

I work with an ex police officer. He is now a trainer (trains in behaviour mamagement for kids)

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