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Just resigned- and freaking out!

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inthewoods4 Wed 02-Mar-16 12:20:03

Hey all,
I've just resigned from the love I loved and did for 10 years so work fro home and be here for the kids.
When I handed in my notice (I'm still on mat leave) I felt amazing!
But over the weekend I've been feeling really anxious, low and tearful. I'm had short periods of anxiety in the past and I think perhaps the decision has freaked me out more than I expected!
Can anyone relate? Xx

VanillaLatte13 Wed 02-Mar-16 12:40:47

I have two children in primary school age and struggle big time with my full time job. Cannot progress either as unable to stay behind or come over the weekend as my colleagues do. Really envy you and wish I could do the same one day. Presently cannot afford:-(
I have ideas for a private business but dont know where to start from and also no time as I go home exhausted and have to do my second job as house wife and mummy.

You are very brave and should not regret the decision that is right for you!

sportinguista Wed 09-Mar-16 07:42:14

I went after a settlement for workplace bullying so was in a pretty low place to start with. It took me a while to really bounce back, but I found the key was keeping busy and Ifocused on developing my business. Along the way there have been highs and lows, but I haven't regretted the decision at all.

I hope you have as much luck as I have during my first year. Yes you will have 'oh my god' moments but with a bit of work those will be few and far between.

Orrery Wed 09-Mar-16 22:09:23

Yep, absolutely. I was in research for the last 10 years, thought it was my career for life, had put hundreds of loving hours into it and thought I would go all the way to retirement with it, but after DS1 was born I lost the appetite for it. My last contract ran out in November and I turned my back on potentially career making opportunities to spend more time at home - never looked back. I had some redundancy pay to enjoy the 'honeymoon' period over xmas with, then had a moment of freaking out about not earning in the cold light of January. Ive started doing freelance editing, which so far seems to be working out well, I work when my 2year old is asleep and in the evenings.

I dont regret it... so far. The weirdest thing is getting used to not being at work in the day. We went out shopping the other day and I actually caught myself justifying why I was not at work in the middle of the day!

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