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Sale or return - how does it work?

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voluptuagoodshag Wed 27-Jan-16 16:03:43

Been doing some paintings recently which I've sold mainly to friends and family. I've had good feedback and would like to go round some local craft and art shops but I was wondering how best to approach this. How does sale or return work? Do they pay you a deposit? Do you get a contract with them? How much mark up can I expect them to add? I have no clue so any tips welcome

appleoftheluck Mon 29-Feb-16 23:27:13

I used to sell a lot of my artwork by sale or return. I now have a shop and take some sale or return jewellery. I am happy for people to enquire in the shop or by email or on FB. It is helpful if they have images to show me and tell me the price that they want for their work on a clear price list with all their contact details. I pay no deposit, i note down everything they've given me in their own file and pay monthly. I pay a 40/60 split.....artist gets 60% of selling price. If artist is not VAT registered then I just add 20% onto my commission to cover my VAT. Hope that's clear, good luck with your paintings.

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