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Threatend with Small claims court wtffff

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AJFsmummy Mon 21-Dec-15 16:32:12

Ok, I have a small ltd company and I get hassled and pressured everyday from sales calls, there was a small advertising company that advertise in local sports arenas, at the time is sounded feasible and I was like... Ok thats go ahead, however that past 5days since I signed the invoice/ payment upfront agreement, one of my clients has dropped of due to their finance issues, I have no other option to say thanks but no thanks.

Now they tell me - there is no cooling off period and they are going to take me to a small can they A, when they havent actually provided me with the service therefor i have not been a cost to them as I hadnt even sent my logo for advertising etc, B -surely this has got to be a threat to make me pay, all I said was I literally cannot part with the money something has come up??

Its f**king ridiculous and its the last thing I need!!

MissTriggs Mon 28-Dec-15 09:50:26

Depends what you signed up to.....try to negotiate with them as they probably are within their rights to sue here.

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