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Help choosing a business name

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xanthewrites Wed 04-Nov-15 23:04:02

Hi I am struggling to find a business name that sounds okay and would like people's views. I have just finished a course in colour therapy and would like to use it to design interiors, homewares and may be fabrics that help people's wellbeing as well as looking good.

So far nearly everything I've come up with is taken I wondered what people thought of these:


DuffySmyth Design

Dotty Green Design

Daisy Green Design

Xanthe Green Design

TalkinPeas Sat 07-Nov-15 16:04:15

The name needs to be memorable, not too descriptive and not hard to spell
generally a bad idea to include your name unless you are the main product

from your description I'd suggest something like

Indoor Rainbows
Spectrum of Design
or something slightly surreal like that

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