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Looking for allies, some encouragement....or just a mum that has successfully started her own business

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littlemonstersmum Wed 30-Sep-15 22:04:03


Please excuse the username- I haven't been on here for about 10 years- and no longer have a little monster- more of a nearly a teenager and with a 7 year sibling!

I am now a single mum who works nearly full time in employment but am in the early stages of starting my own business- I have the idea, the stock, a website but now I'm feeling a little bit stuck!

I came on here again hoping to find someone who's a mum and has a successful business- I would love some advice on how it's done! Or some allies attempting the same thing! Is there any out there?

biscuitkumquat Wed 30-Sep-15 22:16:09

I've had my own business for about 8 years now, and my DS is 10.

I love it, because I can work around school pick-ups, playdates etc.

Feel free to PM me, I'd be more than happy to help if I can.

littlemonstersmum Thu 01-Oct-15 21:33:51

Thank you biscuitkumquat! What does your business involve? My main issue is time- This is the first time since waking up at 6.30 this morning to even begin to think about business! How did you find the time to really get started?

DameDancealot Thu 01-Oct-15 21:45:48

Watching with interest, I too have set up a small online retail business and trying to get some online sales

littlemonstersmum Thu 01-Oct-15 21:53:23

Hi DameDancealot,
What do you sell? Do you have a website? what have you tried marketing wise?

DameDancealot Fri 02-Oct-15 16:32:01

Hi monsters mum all my marketing so far is on social media, Twitter and have had to get on Instagram, am thinking it will take a couple of years before I see real return. Hoping to get into magazines etc. I make soy wax candles for the midrange, I am thinking affordable luxury nice gift ideas. I used to be an interior designer so trying to bring an element of that into my packaging

DameDancealot Fri 02-Oct-15 16:32:26

Oops I have a websites too

annaisjoyful Tue 06-Oct-15 13:29:06

I am a mum to a toddler and a baby and a self employed photographer. I do my photoshoots and weddings on Saturdays when my husband can look after the kids, or on weekdays when my mum can drive up to look after them, and do all my editing during nap time (2 hours of the afternoon usually) and in the evening once they're in bed if I'm running behind.
It's tough, and the housework often gets neglected, but I think I'd go insane if I didn't have it and was just at home all the time with little adult interaction and few opportunities to meet new people who don't only talk about kids!!

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