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winkywinkola Thu 17-Sep-15 12:42:56

So, I was lucky enough to start back to work as a homeworking freelancer in September 2014.

It was one client who really needed a lot of help. Our relationship is that I'm very much part of her team. Any work that comes in, she always includes me and we get on very well too.

The run up to Christmas 2014 was really busy and since then, it's been fits and starts. Some months are good, others just not. I know that's the nature of the beast but I'd like to be more proactive especially now all my dcs are at school. I would like to be busier.

So, I've never done the sales side of stuff before. I work in direct marketing + fundraising. I'd like to approach other clients directly.

Are there are pointers or tips in doing this please? I don't want to make a pig's ear. It's something I would plan very carefully so I wouldn't be rushing in and trying to grab work, as it were.

Cookiecake Thu 17-Sep-15 14:01:18

I'm in the same sort of situation in that my clients work seems to come and go so I need to find more work. With me I know what I should be doing but I'm almost procrastinating about doing it. I have about 100 reasons why I can't do something and they are all fairly invalid really.

I think you need to network whenever oppertunity arises, if people you know then know someone who needs your services they can refer you. Also you could go to local networking events.

Do you know who you want to work with? If so you can target customers directly via LinkedIn or email. Make sure you look at their website and social media first and offer your services up as a solution and something they need.

You also need to ensure people can find you, what's your web presence like? Do you have a website, or social media/LinkedIn. Make sure they all reflect your business and appeal to your audience.

Basically the more you do to get your name out there the more chance you have at finding work. Good luck!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sat 19-Sep-15 15:57:43

Hi Winky

We have chatted on a couple of freelance threads. Nice to read your update.

Cookie has lots of good suggestions.

I am in marketing too.

A lot of mine comes from recommendation but I know it is helped by the profile stuff I do. I:

- Send a monthly e-news
- Speaking opps - I started by volunteering myself
- Social media
- Write guest blogs - which came after I developed articles for my enews
- Network- I am in London there are lots of gatherings for marketing charity types. Are you near London?

In terms of direct approaches, I think the key is being very targetted having done your research.

You can find out lots from a charity's annual review. Make the email subject stand out: "Let me help you improve your Appeal ROI from xx%" etc

I have been complimented by a CEO on how tailored my (biz dev) email was.

My message is basically - 'you are doing x, can I provide support?'. I try to bring in relevant experience.

I try not to make too many assumptions as it is easy to come across as patronising or get it wrong which could make you stand out for the wrong reasons...

I try to time my emails early in the working day as sometimes you catch the CEO/decision maker before they start their day etc.

I would start with one target in an org that might be interested in your services, find the likely best contact, research and then send.

I wouldn't make a big project out of researching 50 people as you'll get busy and not finish. Just do one and go from there....


winkywinkola Thu 24-Sep-15 13:23:41

Wow. Plenty to go on. Thank you very much indeed both.

neeniej9 Sun 25-Oct-15 16:04:23

Hi ladies, I may be able to help but indirectly. I'm a self employed telemarketer with a good brand, a good reputation and am off to have my first baby in Feb. So I actually need a team of people to help me take the business forward. Message me if you're interested as I am looking for telemarkters (only ever to businesses) and it may then help you take your own ventures forward as I'll support you and help you with how to do the job too. So you can use those skills for your own business.

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