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Can you talk to me about Paypal? Also, I need website advice.

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VillageFete Tue 15-Sep-15 22:46:54

Hi everyone,

I already work self employed/freelance and it's all very straight forward, however, I am starting a new business that will require me to sell items to customers. I am starting off through Instagram and Facebook and will eventually have a website designed. Most people seem to want to pay via Paypal, as opposed to bank transfer, but I find it so confusing so I have a couple of questions...

How does the customer pay me? There seems to be 3 options - I give them my email address, tell them how much it is including postage and they pay me at their leisure (selecting goods and services on Paypal) Or I send them a request for payment and they then set up a payment to me in the same way as I previously mentioned (although I tested this out with DP and he received an email off Paypal saying payment had been requested, but when he followed the link it didn't give any of my details? It just took him to his own Paypal account) Lastly I could invoice them, but this seems complicated, is it? I am mainly worried as to how I know where to post the item, does their address automatically come up when I arrange payment with them?

Also, because I am a new account I think they hold the money until I provide a tracking number. Would that mean the money my customer paid me would say pending? Do I post the items regardless of whether it says pending or not?

Lastly, I would like to get a website up and running eventually, would need it to ensure you could pay either via Paypal or by bank card. Only looking for something simple and something I would be able to manage myself. It also needs to be mobile friendly and not cost the earth. I have no idea where to start! Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.

NotYouNaanBread Tue 22-Sep-15 15:56:51

Paypal request. It takes them to their own paypal account and the request should be there.

Or set up Stripe and take credit card.

Then get yourself set up on Shopify. It's the bees knees.

simplydivine05 Sat 26-Sep-15 11:27:46

I use paypal for all of my selling places except amazon, so that's my website, ebay, etsy and direct orders such as via Facebook, phone or email. The websites handle the payments automatically, buyers chooses their goods and then checks out like any other site. They do not need a paypal account for this they just opt to pay as a guest and enter their card details and delivery address. For direct orders I send them an invoice. They then click the link in the email and select check out as guest or log into their account. An invoice details their order which I need for my records. I insist customers don't just take my email and send me the money as it doesn't document that it is a business related payment or what they are paying for.
I can't help with the held payments side of things as I have never had this but if the payment is held it is until tracking says delivered or the customer says delivered or a certain time frame has passed. You must send the goods.
Read up on paypal customer protection as they are covered by paypal if an item isn't received or is not as described. Also read up on charge backs. You must have proof of postage for everything you send to be covered.
I use ekm powershop for my website. It's £30 a month. I would recommend them as a company and their support is very good. Bear in mind it can take years to get a website bringing in sales without big investment. I don't use paid for advertising and now get regular (albeit only weekly) sales. I have had my website over three years. I find social media doesn't really bring in sales either although I have a presence on all of them and update them. It largely depends on what you're selling, to who and how quickly you want sales to grow. I started on ebay nearly four years ago and it is still my main source of sales but I have branched out this year. What I spend in fees on selling sites I would only have to spend in advertising but I would have extra work to do so it's cost vs time for me.
Hope that helps but feel free to ask any more questions!

VillageFete Wed 30-Sep-15 20:40:55

Thanks for the replies. I'll look into shopify.

I think i'll give Paypal a call. Most places selling similar to what I sell seem to ask their customer for their email address & they invoice them.

sportinguista Sun 25-Oct-15 10:01:20

PayPal is really quite simple, ask for email and invoice. I use it for my business and doing an invoice is very simple and means I get my money fast. You can also use a service called PayPal Here which supplies a card reader for a fee if you do 'in person' transactions, I don't use this as I work purely remotely and rarely if ever see my clients in person.

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