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Are you an independent consultant or freelance knowledge worker?

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davec100 Mon 07-Sep-15 16:00:52


I'm interested in hearing from individuals who contract and freelance using their specialist knowledge as independent associates or consultants. This includes individuals who work from home, work part-time, are self-employed or work through agencies. If this is you then I'm interested in talking to you as part of my PhD research at a UK University Business School that looks at flexible knowledge workers.

Involvement is an interview at a time and date convenient to you and is geographically flexible as I can do the interview via Skype. This is more of a conversation about your work with no right or wrong answers!

This isn't a sales pitch, market research or advertising and there is no catch - I can't offer anything but those that have taken part have found it a useful and interesting conversation plus you would be helping me and contributing to research in the field of freelancing and flexible work. So far I have interviewed freelancers in the areas or HR, Project Management, Virtual Assistants/PAs and Pensions/Actuary but I'm open and flexible regarding the exact field of work.

If you're interested then I would love to hear from you via PM and I can send more information.



Hoppinggreen Mon 07-Sep-15 17:29:06

Hi David
For some reason I can't PM you but I would be happy to help.
I'm a freelance Business Development consultant

davec100 Tue 08-Sep-15 12:17:01

Thanks HoppingGreen. Sounds great! I've sent you a PM with some more information.

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