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Branding question - don't know what to do!

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PermaShattered Wed 22-Jul-15 20:03:21

Hi all, any pointers/advice would be useful. I'm a successful freelance journalist (v niche area). My first website has been going for years - and virtually unchanged for 5-6 yrs at least. I still get the odd bit of work from it. The domain name for it is (being careful here as don't want to out myself) 'name of the type of writer'.

I got so busy that I have someone else working for me on a freelance basis. When that relationship started I set up a new website (keeping the other one going). I also went incorporated for tax reasons, and the name of the 2nd website is the company name. I love my company name and logo (logo designed by a fellow MN'er!). This website features both me and my colleague.

But I'm now having a rethink. Both websites are looking dated. My colleague is dropping out gradually as her own career is taking off so I need to fade her out of the picture. Now, i don't know what step to take next in terms of internet presence. I actually wonder whether (as 'I' am the brand) whether to have a new website with my name as the website domain name; or whether to focus on either of the other 2 websites - or what??!! I know it's most likely all to do with branding but any help in deciding what to do and how to maximise what I offer would be useful.

Whilst part of it is, of course, to attract new clients - I'm really fortunate in that I haven't had to advertise or look for clients for years, they come to me. I'm working virtually to capacity, have turned over around £100,000 in the last tax year but never say no to work/new clients. My youngest starts school in September which will free up a little time but not much. But I can't be complacent and assume I will never need to look for work.

I've gone on a bit. Thank you in advance!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Wed 22-Jul-15 21:40:39

Wow firstly. That is v impressive!

I'd start with - where do you want to be? Think you are focusing on the mechanics of the 2 brands/orgs/websites but maybe you need to ask what business do you want? More of thr same? Do you want to grow?

If you were starting today, what sort of co and offering would you have?

If you want the potential of scaling up could you be Permashattered Associates?

How 'ronseal' is the company name? Does it help people reach you when they search? Your company can be whatever you want it to be, even if you have changed from when your freelancer was with you.

I have undergone a re-brand. I paid a lot (for me) for a proper agency to do a brand concept and it has been worth every penny. I also paid a marketing person/copywriter to help with the content. It has been so helpful. It is so hard marketing yourself (evem though I am a marketer). I would pay someone to help you work out what it is you want to be....

PermaShattered Wed 22-Jul-15 22:16:52

Thank you MrsM: I always like to see your MN name smile My answers to most of your questions are: "I don't know!" But your questions are a start because they are ones I need to think about. I shall sleep on them....

I have accepted I may have to pay someone to help me so if you can make a recommendation that would be super! I'll post again when can solidify a few more thoughts when I've pondered your qus.... Thanks again.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Thu 23-Jul-15 13:56:47


Maybe have a few sessions with a coach to help you answer those questions first? It just feels like a great time to regroup etc.

I have to admit that I generally think throwing money at the problem is the solution! But you cannot do it all etc...

As an aside have you entered any awards etc? That is great t/o, I am sure it could spun into an award esp if you are a woman (not assuming etc).

I will PM you about my rebrand when I am on the PC.

Goshitshighuphere Sat 25-Jul-15 08:43:45

Do you actually get any work at all through your website from clients that you don't have an existing relationship with?

I work in a different field but dropped my website last year. I have 100% employment and ex vat turnover of about 130k for each of last 3 years. I opened my 2016 diary 3 weeks ago and it is already full for 1st 6 weeks and about 50% full after that. I realised that virtually no work came through the website. Word of mouth. I am easy to find. Not having a website saves money but also time which in turn I can use for client work. I have retained the domain name but pay a nominal sum to hold it.

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