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New business need help!

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ChrissyT30 Sat 18-Jul-15 20:25:11

Hi, I'm a newly qualified makeup artist and I need some help on how to get started up and getting some clients in through the door! Anyone have any suggestions... money is SERIOUSLY tight atm, smile My business is called Simply Beautiful - Makeup and Beauty and I'm in Cwmbran!

lubeybooby Sat 18-Jul-15 20:30:18

Get yourself set up with a profile on purpleport, with some good examples of your work. if you don't have any yet, then get in on some TF shoots basically you work free, but get to use the professional pics taken as your examples. If you've already done that then you're all set.

Oh make sure your website SEO is all set up too

NotBeingRudeBut Sat 18-Jul-15 20:40:46

Yep make sure you have an up to date website and promote yourself loads on twitter, Facebook and Instagram (post lots of photos of your work). Even if no real clients yet post tutorials and do friends make up so you can post the photos.

Make yourself contactable by email and mobile.

Best of luck and good on you for setting up your own business.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Sat 18-Jul-15 23:59:31

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing! Get your business Facebook and Twitter pages up and running and use them as frequently as you can. Twitter can be particularly good for building contacts and really getting your name around (I'm a jewellery designer and silversmith -self taught- and am followed by, and have conversations potentially leading somewhere, TV presenters, magazine editors, management of retail jewellers, galleries and even had a fashion designer from New York stumble across me!), along with potential clients. Facebook moreso for reaching potential clients in your local area.

Link the two to your website and promote that way too.

Photos will be particularly important for you and videos will be a good way to show your work aswell, both can be shared on social media and Facebook is perfect for this as videos and tutorials really do do the rounds.

I'd imagine blogging can be pretty good for your industry, to show what you do, events you've done peoples make up for, tutorials and comments on the make up you use. Again, link these in to your social media accounts.

For your industry, I would also be targeting (liking,following, subscribing to and trying to forge a connection) business pages such as bridal stores and general wedding supplies, event hire stuff etc maybe some beauty therapists and hair dressers who don't do make up (know a mobile hairdresser who picked up a make up artist this way who she promotes and works with for special occasions and shows).

Be creative with your business cards, there are different ways to do this. Mine are tactile with the background being gorgeously soft and smooth, like velvety skin, with metallic slightly glossy feeling logo. It remind me of when you fiddle with your pendant and feel the metal against your skin. No idea if it works but was worth a shot for a little tempting memory jogger! You could try something like a photo of a made up face with the lips actually done in a glossy finish etc Something that stands out?

Maybe offer a referral discount at times, and/or offer night out/special event group make up offerings? Particularly in the run up to Christmas, I've seen that work quite well.

Good luck with your new venture, and well done on setting up your own business, it's scary but fun and a fab confidence booster smile

APlaceOnTheCouch Sun 19-Jul-15 00:09:15

Join some women in business networks. They're great for getting known and look out for people who run complementary businesses eg florists (they can pass your cards on to brides and vice versa); photographers, etc. Contact some charities and offer to work pro bono if they have any photo shoots/ fashion show fundraisers. YY it won't bring in money but quite often they'll have celebrity supporters so it will look great in your portfolio if you can say you've provided make-up services to x (famous person).

On your social media accounts, offer a free make over to one lucky person if you reach x number of likes. It's a great way to increase your reach, also remember to like complementary pages eg make-up brands; photographers; florists, etc. Good luck!

emma123456 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:08:00

Who is your ideal customer? What's your niche? What sort of make up do u enjoy the most? Is it weddings - book some weddings fayres, try to get in with some wedding photographers or hotels Is it prom style? Find out where you can target teenage girls. Facebook is great for this type of business. Take lots of photos, showcase what you can do.

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