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please tell me about your bad client experiences. I've had a bad week :)

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griselda101 Sun 21-Jun-15 13:49:35

had an awful week (mentioned on other posts) with a client expecting the earth who massively changed the goalposts after setting a really vague brief then tried to manipulate and wheedle their way out of paying what was owed, then rubbed my nose in it in a manipulative way. I told them I no longer wanted to work with them but it has knocked my confidence. I usually get really good feedback from my other clients. This particular client is known to other freelancers as a nightmare and two other people (the only other people I know they have worked with) have fallen out with them.

Does anyone else have any bad experiences with clients? I want to feel a bit better about everything!

Hoppinggreen Mon 22-Jun-15 16:52:10

I had one who sub contracted me to deal with his client because they hated him ( with reason I found out). He used to totally throw me under the bus with them - they were a large firm of city centre lawyers and he used to send me in with no prep, without the info they had asked for etc.
He also used to phone me as I was on the way to the clients office with new ( and very unwelcome ) news I was supposed to share.
It didn't turn out too badly as I got on ok with the clients and we eventually decided to work together without my client being involved, as my client had forgotten to sign my contract I was able to do it!
Also, had quoted him a really high rate because I thought he might be a pain and wasn't too bothered about the work so he was paying over the odds anyway.

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