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Working by yourself

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NaiveMaverick Fri 30-Jan-15 09:30:19

When I'm busy I love working for myself by myself.

But when I don't have a tight deadline I can find it very hard. I can get quite lonely and down.

Anyone got tips for how to enjoy working by myself when I'm not busy?

I don't have many friends locally. And I don't have any friends who do the same thing I do.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Fri 30-Jan-15 09:38:12

Can you try to make some friends locally, by joining a book club or whatever? I know events are mainly evening based but then could meet up with people for lunch in the day. I did a lot of this when I found working at home lonely and now usually have people to meet for coffees etc. Do you have dcs? I also used to hang out with mums from school/nursery.

NaiveMaverick Fri 30-Jan-15 09:50:23

Yes, the problem is finding people to meet during the day.

Nobody is around during the day.

My DC are at secondary so I don't ever meet other parents.

I'm not very good at meeting new people / socialising / small talk etc.

I like working! That's the thing I like the most. I work every day cause I can't handle weekends if I don't work. And I don't take holidays either.

MyRealNamesBernard Fri 30-Jan-15 10:31:27

Is there any way you could take your work to a library, coffee shop or business hub? The latter, obviously, costs money but the other two are either cheap (the price of a coffee) or free. When you are not so busy you can people watch, or you may spark up conversation with people in the same situation.

NaiveMaverick Fri 30-Jan-15 10:54:54

I'm hoping when I start to earn more I can move to a business hub.

Not that I can find any close by. Anybody know what to google? I do think that might help.....

Can't work from the library etc. need a full size powerful computer not a laptop.

Rowingdowntheriver Sat 31-Jan-15 08:58:18

If no friends locally to meet for a coffee break, how about meeting clients for a coffee instead. It could kill 2 birds with one stone as it would give you a change of scene and some company and would help develop your client relations.

Alternatively you could break up the day by going to the gym for an hour, or a walk or cycle?

CoupdeFoudre Sat 31-Jan-15 09:05:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NaiveMaverick Sat 31-Jan-15 12:08:09

My clients aren't local either - but that was a good idea.

In the summer I do loads of walking. Guess it's probably winter that's the problem rather than working from home smile

It's very weird / hard trying to make it all work. Working for someone else - and bringing in a fixed salary each month - was certainly easier.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 01-Feb-15 13:24:04

Hi Naive

I have just dropped a retained client where I worked in their office for doing my own stuff all the time, so I am now at home 4 days a week, so I hear you.

I am trying to secure a charity trusteeship position, as like you in the down times I find it all a bit much. I figure that it means I will sometimes be required to do things during the day for them/meetings/meet people. Could an organised thing like that appeal?

Are there any networking groups locally? I found a lot of them were women who were looking to find others for support as much as selling stuff. Try a few, I found they all differed.

Or something like or the WI? It sounds like something organised for you might work.

I'd also think about hobbies. I appreciate you need to work, but part of the point (we are told!) of working for ourselves is having the flex to do our own stuff. You might find that there are daytime running clubs/cooking clubs etc. Could you see it as your lunch break?

Have a look at or, you will be amazed at the sorts of gatherings that take place.

It doesn't sound like your thing, but what about trying to organise your own group? Advertise on FB, local Netmums or community boards. Could just be a 'co-working' session. To alleviate my own loneliness I have approached a local newish pub and we are starting a co-working session once a week on a Tues. The idea being people just rock up with a laptop.

Business hubs/co-working clubs often do a pay-as-you-go membership? Could you try if you can work remotely (see below).

The one things that strikes me as a barrier is the need to work on a full desktop. Can you really not use a laptop? I sometimes just to to Starbucks if I need a change of scene.

You might find a little bit of time away from home is all your need, not an office somewhere.

NaiveMaverick Sun 01-Feb-15 19:53:48

Thanks. Lots of good ideas there.

I guess there is some work I can do on a laptop - though the point is what do I do when I don't have much work to do.

As for hobbies and Meetups etc, I guess I'll have to be a lot more proactive and try and find some stuff I can do.

Part of my problem is I'm insanely optimistic and always assume in the future I'll be incredibly busy. That this quiet period is a temporary and short lull smile

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 01-Feb-15 20:15:20

Maybe you need to see this about enriching life (sounding like a magazine article!) rather than filling free time? As even if you are really busy it might be nice to have the outlet/new friends and indeed if you want them to be there you need to invest the time whether or not you are busy etc.

Can you not do business development stuff when things are quiet? Tap up old contacts, write a white paper, stock pile blog articles etc...?

NaiveMaverick Sun 01-Feb-15 20:24:03

I can do business development stuff. Blogs etc.

Guess I need to stop being so lazy.

I need to think about the 'enrichment' angle. How I can do that.

I need to work out how to find more balance in my life.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 01-Feb-15 20:40:32

I think it is v difficult to embrace the downtimes, esp if you have had a busy period. I was so busy before xmas I was finishing work late, sleeping for 5 hours and getting up and starting again. I think I am only just about 'getting over it'.

Where do you want to be in a year? What will it look like?

Thumbcat Tue 03-Feb-15 09:49:12

I work from home, but as DS is in infant school I get to chat at drop off/pick up time and I find that that little bit of interaction gets me through the day.

When I don't need to take DS to school anymore I think I might look for another PT job for a couple of days a week, and do what I do the rest of the week, or even a school lunchtime assistant for a couple of hours each day. I quite like the peace and quiet at home on my own and could slip into the life of a hermit quite easily if I don't watch myself.

whatdoesittake48 Mon 09-Feb-15 22:24:55

I work entirely at home but make myself go for an hour walk every day. I try to shop daily for that nights dinner as part of my get out of the house routine. Rain or shine. I could very easily sit at home day after day but I become more motivated the more I get out. By the time I get home I an ready to hunt down those leads.
I also get my best ideas while walking.
I don't need people in my life other than my family but I do need short interactions from time to time. Shop assistants or the postman are idealgrin

LadySybilLikesSloeGin Mon 09-Feb-15 22:32:08

I work from home but I have to have skype on constantly and I'm always getting colleagues popping by (usually to offer me overtime). I work weekends, evenings, days so not really 9-5 Monday to Friday. It would be lovely to go for a glass of wine or something on my days off but most of my non-work colleagues work and my work colleagues are all over (America, New Zealand etc) sad Can you keep facebook open and jump in and out? That helps to pass the time when things are not so busy.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 10-Feb-15 21:10:52

whatdoes that sounds like a really good routine, I might try that!

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