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hotdogdiggity Thu 15-Jan-15 10:05:21

Can anyone tell me if they find networking events useful for getting new business? I am a copywriter and I would like to make contact with more local businesses person to person (I have mainly worked for one press agency. I now have more childcare so am after some new customers).

I would be interested to know which networking events you go to (I have been looking at the local Chamber of Commerce?) and if you have secured any new business as a result. Also, what to expect at one of these events? I am quite confident when approaching people but I hate being made to play games etc!

Hoppinggreen Thu 15-Jan-15 14:37:51

I could spend 1 day a week at a Networking event and meet lovely people but I gave yet to get an business from one.
I think I am pretty good at working a room so maybe I'm just going to the wrong ones - I have found that it's not usually the big hitters that go to the ones I have been to, it's rather the " lifestyle" businesses which aren't my market

MrsMargoLeadbetter Thu 15-Jan-15 15:55:19

I think the key is to find the right type of event. You need to be strategic and fussy about where you spend your time and money.

Who normally buys your services? Where can you find them? If it is the marketing person at a financial services co, then you need to find a group that will bring them together etc.

I am marketing freelancer and I have a niche. The events which are aimed at the niche are the ones I have had the most success from.

Like hopping I found my local groups to be full of life coaches, beauticians etc who I knew probably couldn't afford my services and that might be the same for you?

If you are aiming at local businesses then I am guessing a Chamber event will have slightly larger orgs represented.

In terms of what to expect, again it depends on the meeting. Some local meetings (4BN, WIBN) have a structure which the person who is running it should tell you before you go. Others are less structured, you go, you circulate and hand out business cards.

I don't really enjoy it (does anyone!??!) but I try to focus on the idea of meeting new people. I personally have rarely found networking a waste of time, you usually meet someone/find out something.

I would also suggest you ensure your online networking presence is good on LinkedIn. The people you meet might be checking you out & connecting etc.

Not sure I have given you the answer you were looking for, but my thoughts!

1nemmi Thu 22-Jan-15 12:39:21

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