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Where do you / have you worked - pros and cons?

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museumum Tue 06-Jan-15 20:07:53

Before going on mat leave with my only ds I simetimes worked from a co-working shared office space. Then when I was pregnant I worked from home so I could nap
I've been back at work for nearly ten months now, building from two to four days a week but I just cannot decide what to do about office / desk space. It doesn't help that my old office is now DS's bedroom!

Where do you work? What are the pros and cons? Does anyone fancy talking me through the pros and cons of my situation?

MrsMargoLeadbetter Wed 07-Jan-15 09:14:23

I have a room at home (which is also the guest room) but I do try to get out and go to coffee shops etc. I find being at home alone all week a bit depressing sad

I think the main downside of anything outside the home is the cost & commitment unless it is completely pay-as-you-go.

Do you have anywhere you can work at home now you don't have your own office? What suits your working style?

In my dreams I would like to open a co-working space. I am in London and there are lots here.

museumum Wed 07-Jan-15 14:17:55

I have a table in the livingroom and there's also the kitchen table but both places mean I'm easily distracted by house tasks and find it quite hard to fully wear my professional hat while surrounded by DS's toys or dirty dishes.

Advantages of home:
can do the nursery run without having to be "work ready" myself. Don't have to carry work stuff to nursery (makes it easier to cycle).
Can go for a run at lunchtime
No lugging the heavy laptop around
Have all my files / paperwork handy.

No company
Surrounded by family life crap
Feels unprofessional
Easily distracted


Hoppinggreen Wed 07-Jan-15 14:51:34

I have a home office upstairs. It's not used for anything else I can leave stuff on my desk etc.
I don't mind not seeing anyone else as I chat to friends on the school run and have a few social type things in the evening.
I enjoy being able to stick a load of washing on etc during breaks.
Main downside is proximity of the kitchen for constant snacking

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