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Book royalties and maternity allowance

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GoooRooo Sat 29-Mar-14 17:13:48

I'm self employed and am expecting baby number 2 in November.

Last year I wrote and published a book (don't get excited, it's not a very exciting book, not 50 Shades of Grey or anything).

I earn a small amount of money each month from sales through Amazon and Apple.

I obviously won't be invoicing clients during my four months maternity leave at the end of the year and start of next year, but I will still continue to receive book royalties.

Does anyone know whether this will affect whether I will be able to claim maternity allowance?

HectorVector Sat 29-Mar-14 17:18:13

I think you can... Don't you need a exception certificate for small earnings allowancey whatsit. Something like that.

GoooRooo Sat 29-Mar-14 17:19:41

Thanks HectorVector. I suppose I should just ask my accountant really but thought MNers might be clued up smile

TalkinPeace Mon 31-Mar-14 22:16:02

are royalties not unearned income like dividends ....

GoooRooo Tue 01-Apr-14 10:21:47

I don't think so TalkingPeace. I looked up unearned income and book royalties are not listed on a .gov site.

I've emailed my accountant to ask.

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