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Self assessment overpayment?

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whatdoesittake48 Thu 20-Mar-14 11:58:43

Went onto HMRC to look at my account last night just to make sure we are saving enough for our tax bill in July. I had a message informing me that i had overpaid my tax and that i could request a repayment. Checked my husbands account and he had the same.

We always do our self assessments together, so whatever the error was, we have done the same thing.

from the digging I have done, I think I only took away one of the payments on account from our tax due for last Jan rather than taking off both of them (Jan and July). the amounts tally for this being the likely scenario.

So it seems that we have about £3,000 which we overpaid. thinking about it now, i should have realised because my husband earned less than last year, yet we paid more tax...

I would like to use this money to pay our July bill - is this the best thing to do or should we get the repayment sent to our bank?

or have I got it all wrong and the money just hasn't been allocated to a payment yet...this seems too good to be true.

oh, and why doesn't HMRC tell us what to pay rather than us having to work it out...I find that really annoying!

imsorryiasked Sat 22-Mar-14 08:04:50

Yes just leave the overpaynent there and it will automatically be offset against future liabilities (such as the July payment)
When you complete your Tax Returns always fill in the section on claiming a repayment, even though there is tax due. That way you will automatically be refunded any overpayments.

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