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Self employed translator- would I be better off renting an office for a year or 2?

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duchesse Fri 14-Mar-14 17:55:05

I'm trying to get back into work full time at the moment, whilst also dealing with the aftermath of my father's death (I'd love to say it's probate but that would imply he'd left actual will). Work has been on a back burner since the birth of DD3 4.5 years ago, and dealing with my father's last two years has also taken precedence. Anyway, I get very easily distracted and was wondering about renting an office would be the catalyst I need to focus more on work.

Anyway, part of my father's estate is about 2000 first edition and collectible books. At the moment they are all housed in purpose built shelving in the house he shared with my bitch of a stepmother his partner of 30 years.

My stepmother is wanting us to clear out all his stuff from her house as she wants to sell it. Unfortunately none of us has space for 2000+ books.

So I was wondering whether a rented office would be just the ticket- I'm thinking of storing all the books in there and selling them on Abebooks bit by bit, and working from it at my main job at the same time. Does anybody know if rented offices would agree with this sort of thing? The last time I tried to enquire about rented offices, I was deluged with phone calls from office space managers. Not sure I want to do that again.

TalkinPeace Fri 14-Mar-14 20:46:32

Offices are KILLINGLY expensive
just rent a storage unit of the right square metrage : you can set up shelves in it etc

duchesse Sat 15-Mar-14 14:08:45

That's what I feared Talk. I'm pretty certain though that no lock-up will be dry enough for storing expensive books. Going to have to have another rethink.

WilsonFrickett Sat 15-Mar-14 14:51:40

Have you thought about insurance for the books too? I think it would be very expensive too. Could potentially be better selling the books all at once to a specialist dealer - of course you wouldn't make as much profit, but you wouldnt incur costs either.

Books apart, no, don't try and kick start a business by spending money on rent! Good luck with the books and sorry for your loss.

TalkinPeace Sat 15-Mar-14 18:03:34

I'm pretty certain though that no lock-up will be dry enough for storing expensive books
I did not say a lockup, I said a storage unit

PrimalLass Sun 16-Mar-14 15:48:22

They don't have to be hugely expensive. Look around for local business centres that rent out one-person offices.

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