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Anyone do Arts Administration? Currently a Childminder and fed up :-(

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Witchazel Wed 12-Mar-14 10:13:58

OK I'll try and be as concise as possible and not ramble too much...

I have a BA Hons in Performing Arts, specialising in Arts Admin. Before kids I lived in London and worked for various arts organisations and charities - had a great career for about 8 years. But I did find it incompatible with domestic life (ie: hardly at home as out at events all the time or working late).

Then met DH, moved out of London, had 2 x DCs and haven't worked in Arts Admin since.

I have always had a job, part time or a combo or part time jobs. I currently work 1 day a week for the local council and 4 days as a Registered Childminder. My DCs are 7 and 11 years, so getting quite independent.

The Childminding is really getting me down at the moment - physically very demanding, mentally draining, isolating etc. The serious lack of creativity in my life is depressing me. My council job is good in terms of adult company and 'getting out' once a week, but the job is quite boring and I can do it on auto-pilot.

I have a dog, who love dearly - she suffers separation anxiety quite badly. I can leave her alone for half a day once a week and short periods of an hour or two each day. But not for a full day. I have a dog sitter, but obviously have to consider the cost of this.

Anyway... I'd dearly love to get back into Arts Admin on a freelance basis (so I can juggle work with kids and dog). I am thinking of winding down my Chilfminding business over the next 18 months, doing some retraining / research / planning.

Is anyone out there working in Arts Admin? Advice please... Not sure where to start!

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