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Distracted internet from doing work, any help?

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homeworkerwithkids Thu 27-Feb-14 14:32:04

I wonder if anyone had any advice on blocking the internet. I work from home. The kids are a distraction but the internet is worse. Pathetic I know. It seems I'm not alone, so that makes me at least a little happy, although I found this story today when I should have been working!

I'm not very technical, so not sure whether I should download the software mentioned in the piece. Had anyone used it:

WilsonFrickett Thu 27-Feb-14 17:32:43

I can't block the internet because I often do need to fact-check something when I'm in the middle of work, but I've found the pomodoro app good. It's basically a 25 minute timer you download to your phone and I make a promise with myself that I will only work for the length of the timer, no internet or anything. Then when it buzzes, I can have a MN break.

25 mins is probably the max amount of time anyone in an office would go without a distraction is what I tell myself

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