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Freelancing Mumsultants : Advice/Mentor Needed

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danofweaver Fri 14-Feb-14 19:26:12

Hi wonderful mums,

I’ve put this in the freelancer group as I’m hoping to reach can-do-go-getters who may have great advice (constructive and kind only please) !

I am a doctor of spatio-temporal computation. I design and develop benevolent, usually educational or public service websites such as I am handy at all things computery and a whole host of other stuff. You’ll find that I’m an overall good guy as my couchsurfing profile below attempts to show! I am a 37 year old man (and just finished my doctorate- at a top 10 uni - and ran out of scholarship funding some months ago).

Here’s the thing- I would very much like to continue having half my time free to do this kind of world-helping internet work but need a modest income that is location independent to do so; you know the score being mums- benign internet site development keeps me up until 3 in the morning and wakes me up thinking on it throughout the night- and I love it to bits!...but I also need to live!

I need a benevolent agent to help find the other thing- the money generating thing- and am willing, indeed happy, to set aside a generous negotiated chunk of my income to the person who enables me to find such a position. I’m not picky- I’d prefer the things most would in a job- worthwhile, easy but interesting etc -but I’m willing to compromise (there's a CV at

Please get in touch if you can help and together we’ll make a little trickle income to help keep me making little sites that help people.


Personal Description (from my couchsurfer profile)
Kind warm gentle bright. I love dogs and good talks and real fires and making stuff and rambling around (in words and world) and getting into the bath in clothes sometimes and learning languages even made up ones and playing with kids and stretching and laughing until crying and watching people do crazy stuff on YouTube and putting Spotify on with lyrics to sing karaoke. I like looking at stars and thinking of stories and going for long walks at night and watching people guessing at life and guessing what their lives are about and talking to strangers and listening to clever people or people who have life experience or just know and love me. I like pictures and photos and colours and smells and touch. I'm not religious but quite spiritual in a way. I've travelled a fair bit, lived and worked in eg Argentina, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Honduras. Next trips will likely be to Myanmar and Venezuela, Philippines and India.
I just finishing a PhD in space time analysis at Nottingham Uni where I've been working for some years but really I'm a creative looking for something I haven’t really found yet. All kinds of people can affect life's path so let’s meet! Normality-wise I enjoy windsurfing, cycling, yoga, camping, walking and diving (am a divemaster). Also enjoy optimism, cynicism, joy, poetry and chat. Please don't wait for me to email you- I may never find you- the internet is a strange beast- make contact and let’s have a walk! Hugs, Dan.

jonnyelwyn Sat 15-Feb-14 16:22:41

Hi Dan

Why not check out someone like Pat Flynn who as a plethora of great advice about making money online. Granted he makes most of his money telling people how to make money online, but if you're excited about creating websites, why not get them to generate your income for you?

Check out his stuff at

Handily, I've also written an ebook on how to be a freelance creative, which might give you some good ideas on turning what you love to do into something that supports you for life. Check it out at

danofweaver Mon 17-Feb-14 18:50:55

Thanks for that, Jonny; the Pat Flynn website is an interesting resource, Tim Ferris’ book is a good read too. I’m really looking for either:
1) A business that needs hi-tech/ hi-competence/ hi- skill / modestly costing help a couple of days a week.
2) An agent that can reliably locate small technical jobs for me, handle the client side and take a cut.
Dr. Dan

SimLondon Tue 18-Feb-14 11:50:29

check out

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