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Anyone let their DP run their business whilst they were on Mat leave?

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LondonJen Mon 10-Feb-14 18:07:30


As above really.

I have two small online shops, one he wouldn't be able to do as he can't make the things I sell. The other is things I buy wholesale and resell so I think he could take over without too much hassle. We're only talking max an hour a day.

I do worry that he might need to ask me questions and I would get frustrated as will be sleep deprived nutter tired.

This is my first DC and I imagine taking at least 3 months maternity leave, I would not imagine taking more than 6 months. After that childcare will come into it. So it's just the first few months that I am totally downing tools. I will stop work altogether but I know he will offer to run one business as he has mentioned it before. Not sure if is good idea or recipe for disaster!

Anyone done similar?

TalkinPeace Mon 10-Feb-14 20:57:30

I'm self employed.

Maternity leave first time was around two weeks
second time I was working within 24 hours of giving birth
but I did not raise the invoices to the clients until my MA money had run out wink

what do you plan to live on while not working?

PhoebeMcPeePee Mon 10-Feb-14 21:01:43

If it's just an hour a day I'd stick with it as you could find yourself spending half the time peering over his shoulder checking up on him and the other half being pissed off he's not doing it properly. Maybe for the 2 weeks he's on PL (assuming he's taking it) as you may be a bit fuzzy headed but tbh you might be grateful for the excuse to pass over responsibility to DH for an hour or so each night.

LondonJen Tue 11-Feb-14 10:33:08

Thanks for your replies.

Talk, good invoicing plan! Would be living on his income and MA.

Phoebe, good point I can imagine spying on him!

I hadn't thought about it being a chance to do something non-baby related.

Food for thought, ta

Saffra Tue 11-Feb-14 11:13:21

If it is only an hour a day, I would also just stick with it. It could potentially take you an hour to discuss things/make decisions/sort out problems (as a result of him not being as au fait with it!).

I would schedule it into the day/week, so that your DP and DC could get used to the routine of it, makes it much smoother.

Also, definitely invest in a sling so that you can do bits and pieces yourself as and when!

Agree that it's good also to have a non-baby thing to deal with!

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