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Charging fees to charity

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twentyten Mon 27-Jan-14 13:02:03

Hi.I work for several commercial customers and have also been using my business skills volunteering with a large local charity(because I think the MD is brilliant).
A director of the commercial arm has asked me to meet to discuss working with them on a paid basis if I am already doing my bit as a volunteer.
Anyone done this?
What should I charge?A propostion of my commercial rate?Anyone do consultancy for charities?
Many thanks!

Middleagedmotheroftwo Mon 27-Jan-14 13:05:16

I would charge them your usual rate. Charities are businesses too.

TalkinPeace Mon 27-Jan-14 14:15:37

charities pay their staff
often a lot
they pay their suppliers too

MrsMargoLeadbetter Mon 27-Jan-14 15:20:01

I used to work for a charity, we paid anything from £400 to £1000 a day depending on the skills/what was being delivered.

You might be able to gain some insight into their spending from their accounts or annual report on the Charity Commission website.

I would present your normal fee and maybe be willing to reduce a little as they are a charity. When I worked for the charity (as above) I never accepted the first price a supplier gave, I'd always try to get them down!

Good luck, great your volunteering is being repaid by the chance of a paid opp (not that is why you did it I am sure, but even so).

twentyten Mon 27-Jan-14 16:07:04

Thank you all for your responses-really helpful. I'm glad they are interested in paid stuff-clients always value what they pay for more than freebies!
Good for the CV too.Thanks again!

jonnyelwyn Sun 16-Feb-14 09:56:35

I agree, either charge the usual rate. Or present the usual rate and offer a discount on that.

Although if you've been helping the MD, maybe you already have sense of their financial position?

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