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Has anyone ever worked for Time Etc?

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SoftKittyWarmKitty Sun 01-Dec-13 22:21:42

I just read an article about Time Etc and I'm wondering if anyone on here has any experience of working with/for them? I work part time in an office and would like to start earning extra income on my days off - this seems ideal but I was looking to get an idea of what kind of tasks people are given and in reality how much work is offered. Also, how does the payment system work - is payment weekly or monthly? Are their workers classed as self employed? I'd be looking to work as a virtual assistant but also have marketing experience that might bring work in from them.

Any info would be great, thanks smile.

m0nkeynuts Tue 03-Dec-13 10:05:36

Never heard of them, to be honest!

Have to wonder what the hourly rate for workers is, if clients are paying Time Etc from £19 per hour to get the work done AND have it overseen/quality checked by a PM. Have no idea what you'd typically earn per hour in these types of freelance roles either though!

I expect workers will indeed be classed as self-employed, as it's essentially a freelancer pool with added project management / quality control.

mrsvilliers Wed 28-May-14 20:19:30

Soft kitty (if you're still out there!) Did you ever sign up with them? I did recently but find the rate really low and not getting the amount of work I'd expect. Just wondering if it got better?

Basketofchocolate Wed 01-Oct-14 09:26:42

I read an article in the press recently about this company and thought that it sounded good but came on here to find out if anyone had any experience. Anyone?

PeggyPie Fri 03-Oct-14 12:24:21

I'm in the application process at the moment. mrsvilliers - did the work pick up for you at all?

swmum24 Fri 05-Dec-14 00:13:14

Hi. I was going to post about Time etc then came across this thread. I'm wondering if anyone else is working with them and what your thoughts are on them charging you PayPal fees to get paid...

NatalieHarding21 Fri 26-Dec-14 19:34:39

Sounds an attractive offering, would like to know more, please keep updating

InfinitySeven Fri 26-Dec-14 19:37:09

It's always the same reply to this... Too little work, low pay, harsh standards. They charge you to get paid. It's generally not worth it, and is quite stressful.

I have no personal experience though.

EmmaEvans68 Wed 18-Feb-15 14:05:27


I've just got through to telephone interview stage but wondering whether to bother? PeggiePie what happened with your application in the end, are you working for them ? What is your experience? Thank you

EmmaEvans68 Wed 18-Feb-15 14:08:38

Mrsvilliers did work pick up?

Meandmyboys15 Tue 03-Mar-15 13:24:32

Hi Emma, did you end up proceeding? I am also at telephone interview stage and wondering the same. How is it going for you?

EmmaEvans68 Tue 03-Mar-15 13:31:43

I've got my interview tomorrow! When is yours? I need 20 hours a week at least!!

Meandmyboys15 Tue 03-Mar-15 13:36:03

I need the same really, and I just don't think it is going to offer me the hours I need.. I haven't booked my slot just yet as I have only just received the email.

It sounds really good if it does work though, as hopefully it will fit in around children!

EmmaEvans68 Wed 04-Mar-15 14:14:08

Hi Meandmyboys15! I've sent you a private message!

kirstenatimeetc Wed 04-Mar-15 16:47:39

Hi folks,

It's Kirsten from Time etc here - I'm one of the team who look after our Virtual Assistants.

Firstly thank you very much for your interest in Time etc! I'm a bit late to the discussion but I thought it would be worth me commenting on a couple of things to aid people finding this discussion in the future:

The volume of work available

Like any freelancing situation the volume of work available is really variable and very difficult for us to predict. This can depend on lots of factors including personal experience, how much demand there is for your particular skills, how busy our clients are and more.

Everyone's circumstances are different and, generally speaking, if you absolutely need to work a minimum number of hours per week then Time etc (and freelancing in general) might not be the right solution. However it can work out really well, as it has done for many hundreds of the wonderful freelance folk we work with every day.


It's true to say we're really selective about who we work with - but in many cases this is to ensure that there is a good fit for both of us and that the relationship is likely to be great for everyone involved moving forwards. The last thing we want to do is enter into a relationship and for it not to work out for the freelancer or us.

Pay rates

We offer a guaranteed hourly rate for all work completed - so you always know what you're earning.

The rate is probably less than you could earn setting up as an independent Virtual Assistant and finding your own clients but working through Time etc can be much easier and we take care of the clients.

The rate we pay is often more than you can earn on freelance marketplaces like Elance, Odesk and Peopleperhour and you don't need to invest your time bidding against other people (often from other countries) with low hourly rates to win work on our platform as you do on some others.

Charging to get paid

It's actually Paypal that make a small charge to receive money from us. We know that being charged to receive money isn't great and we wish this wasn't the case. We're working on finding a way to reduce or remove this cost for our assistants in the future.

I hope these answers provide clear information!

I am always happy to help and can be reached at if you have any questions.

Basketofchocolate Thu 19-Mar-15 17:42:41

Did either of you have any luck with this in the end?

EmmaEvans68 Thu 19-Mar-15 18:17:57

I'm about to start working for them!

Basketofchocolate Thu 19-Mar-15 22:20:32

EmmaE ooh great! Let me know how you get on xx

Brierboots Tue 24-Mar-15 11:49:57

Hi, following this thread with great interest as I too am considering applying to work for them.
EmmaE - how is it going so far? What tests did they get you to do during the application process?
I've been out of the world of work for a few years now so wondering if i need to brush up on my IT skills - what packages are you using whilst working for them?
Any info/advice gratefully received! x

QueenA07 Thu 02-Apr-15 20:06:55

Hi all,
Following some changes in my work situation, I'm also making my enquiries and research about Time etc, it looks like a good option to me so far. They have told me I'll have to register a business (being freelancer), which means I'll got to pay your own NI and taxes, etc. from the money I get paid. I don't really know the amount of NI and taxes (if you have an idea please let me know!) and knowing there are also PayPal fees for receiving the money, my question is the money worth it at the end? Their website say hourly pay is £11 a £16 depending on experience. So what do you really get at the end of the day?
I'd just like to know a bit more from someone who's worked with them.
@ EmmaEvans68 how has it been so far?
Thanks xx

EmmaEvans68 Wed 08-Apr-15 18:00:47

It's going well for me so far and I'm getting quite a few tasks and clients already. I guess it depends on what your skill set is. (Mine is quite broad). You do have to pay your own tax and NI but you can earn up to £10,600 tax free. You need to register with HMRC as a sole trader. I haven't been paid yet so I'm unsure about the amount Paypal take but I think they are trying to change that. It's not ideal though and hopefully they don't take much. If you need anymore information let me know.

EmmaEvans68 Wed 06-May-15 11:44:39


Just wondered if you had your telephone interview and what happened? I have started working for Time etc but after quite a few tasks coming through for a few weeks there is now nothing. I have one client but that's it. I am pretty disappointed with it.

Let me know what's happening with you!


EmmaEvans68 Wed 06-May-15 11:46:38

Sorry that was meant to be for Me and My boys but just wondered if anyone had got any further?!!!

QueenA07 Fri 08-May-15 22:55:04

EmmaEvans thanks our for your explanations, it's a bit clearer a least.
Although it's quiet now did you manage to get 20 hours a week worth of tasks as you wanted during the busy weeks? I'm just trying to figure out if it will be a reliable source of income every month. What do you think...?

What about the other ladies who went to interview stage?

Thanks xx

EmmaEvans68 Mon 11-May-15 08:49:27

No I haven't had 20 hours a week. At the moment more like 2 or 3. I hope it picks up as I'm enjoying working for them.

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