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Self-employed cleaner pregnant - do I need to do anything?

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We pay a cleaner to do a couple of hours a week to hoover, mop, do surfaces etc. She's brilliant and really helps us keep on top of housework.

She's just told me she's pregnant - early days, which is wonderful news. But having been pregnant twice whilst employed and knowing about risk assessments, maternity policies etc is there anything I need to do? I guess I'm not her employer as she's self employed, we're more like her client, but I'd be devastated if she had an accident whilst here (stairs/hoover spring to mind). Maybe I should ask her not to do the stairs.

Thanks for any advice.

Punkatheart Sun 17-Nov-13 20:55:30

May I say what a lovely lady you sound, to be so concerned. Just chat to her and tell her your concerns. When we are pregnant, we know our own bodies and I am sure that she hoovers the stairs in her own home.

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