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Claiming through tax for office refurbishment?

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BlogOnTheTyne Wed 06-Nov-13 09:19:51

Does anyone know if I can claim as an expense on my self-assessment, a complete office refurbishment, including decorating, flooring, soft furnishings, installation of toilet cubicle etc?

I've actually had a garage converted as purpose built office for my long standing business that was running from a spare bedroom. I've always been able to claim for a proportion of household bills for the business and of course for other business related expenses, including some office furniture.

However, whilst I'm pretty sure I can't claim for the garage conversion per se, I'm wondering if I CAN claim for setting up the new room as an office and also for the addition of a toilet purely for use by business clients.

Does anyone know? I don't use an accountant so can't ask them.

tallulah Wed 06-Nov-13 18:44:37

Here you go

Looks like the answer is no.

BlogOnTheTyne Thu 07-Nov-13 09:03:04

Thanks. Would the refurbishment costs come under capital allowances, do you think?

Also, if I were to telephone HMRC for advice, does anyone know which is the relevant helpline? I always seem to get through - after a v v long wait and being put forward to different departments - to the wrong department!

Would I be better paying for a one off meeting with an accountant or is it just too blatantly clear that I can't put the above down as an expense at all - so not worth the accountant fee? I guess I'm looking for a way to make at least some of the expense - which is all related to legitimate business use only - possible to claim on.

BlogOnTheTyne Thu 14-Nov-13 09:06:02 see if anyone else can give me some feedback please, especially about whether some of my costs could come under a capital allowance?

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