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When do you hope to retire?

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shurkerworker Tue 05-Nov-13 13:08:34

Bit of an odd question and not sure which forum to add this to...

I'm freelance and have been for 15 years. I like the flexibility but even with this I don't have complete control over my work obviously.

I'm coming up to 59 and am thinking much longer do I want to carry on chasing business?

My DH should retire in 3 years or may go part time consulting so that's a consideration.

I'll also receive a very small pension and lump sum from my former career at 60.

I've a strong work ethic but even my current commitments ( 2-3 days a week at most) mean I can't see long distance family as much as I'd like ( elderly parents) so this is one reason for 'retirement'.

I know lots of women my age who retired at 50 or 55, but at the same time I think I'd need to find something to do.

Talkinpeace Tue 05-Nov-13 20:35:51

I don't. I've got no pension.
I will miss out more months though - currently do not work in August
once kids are at Uni will probably give up on December
or work alternate weeks
but in my trade we work till we drop

shurkerworker Wed 06-Nov-13 07:46:16

Talk- based on your post to the thread above this one you are a tutor? Do you not have a teachers' pension?
Most tutors I know are ex- school teachers who've moved into tutoring.

You can always start your own pension scheme.

Talkinpeace Wed 06-Nov-13 11:57:56

No, I'm an accountant.
And even if I did earn enough to put away, I'm not trusting ANY "pensions advisers" with my cash.
I have savings plans.

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