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Maternity Allowance Question

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verafd Wed 23-Oct-13 17:03:53

Hi ladies,

Maternity Allowance has been so confusing for me but I will try to sipmlify my question as much as possible.

My 66 weeks test period is: 23 Sep 2012 to 28 Dec 2013

During that period I had a SEE certificate for 44 weeks (23 Sep to 27 July 2013)

I have requested an invoice to pay NIC 2 for the 66 weeks period (44 W with SEE and 22 W without)

So by the time I submit my claim, it will show on HMRC records that I have paid NIC for 66 weeks of which 22 weeks with no SEE certificate.

Just called Maternity Allowance at job centre and the lady told me the following:

66 is the test period, 26 W is the number of weeks for which I should be registered as self employed, 13 w is the number of weeks for which I should have paid NIC class 2 without having a SEE certificate. In that case I will be entitled to have the full amount.

So can anyone confirm this?

or will I simply get the minimum payment since I had a SEE between Sep 2012 and Jul 2013?

Or will they take both periods into consideration and calculate the average?

I am sorry if my post/question is not very clear. I am just hoping to know what to expect. I feel stupid for not cancelling my SEE earlier.

Thank you! XX

GeppaGip Thu 31-Oct-13 14:08:29

Simply, you need to have paid 13 weeks straight NICS2 contributions NOT covered by a exemption. You also need to have been registered self employed for 26 weeks in your qualifying period (66 weeks).

It doesn't matter that you have held the SEE at some point, as long as you have paid 13 weeks Without it and have surrendered it in time. The guidance is so vague it is almost impossible to interpret, but having gone through it all with a fine tooth comb, I can confirm that that 13 weeks paid up after surrendering the certificate saves you from the minimum payment.

Similar position here. Had an exemption certificate, got pregnant, realised I was only going to get the minimum because of the certificate and cancelled. I've been self employed for a few years so qualifying not an issue. Handed exemption in and started paying NICS from june with a due date of December. I will have paid my 13 weeks ON my due date, although it is in arrears so not cutting it that fine!

meandbumpy Fri 01-Nov-13 18:33:13

I'm in a similar position, my NI 2 contributions are paid up to date however I've only been registered as self employed for 20 weeks of my test period. Does this mean I won't qualify for anything?

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