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Entitled to Income support to top-up times when SE income low/nil?

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knittedknickers Tue 15-Oct-13 11:40:00

Ha ha, thanks, BeverleyJane, that expression made me laugh. Thanks for advice. Will look into that - it is just a relief it you feel there is a back-up when/if necessary. Good luck with your business too.

BeverleyJane Tue 15-Oct-13 08:16:58

I am currently on income support and have been looking at starting up a business. If I register self employed I can stay on income support as long as I work less than 16 hours a week. You can only keep £20 extra then the rest comes off your benefits but that's the point, to be supporting yourself. With the savings im not sure if you'll be entitled to benefits but you can claim income support whilst self employed. You'll need to make an appointment as I've found over the phone they couldn't find their backside with both hands. Hope that helps x

Talkinpeace Thu 10-Oct-13 22:52:04

you might be able to get tax credits, but they are much less generous.
Once you are self employed, benefits are hard to get because you have to close your business to be unemployed

knittedknickers Thu 10-Oct-13 04:13:45

I became self-employed (home-based) in July and though the work is slow, so far I have earned enough as part-time to keep me going. My partner and I are now separating and I will be main carer of our two children, three and seven years old.

Does anyone know if I can claim income support to make up for the months when my income is low (this month I have had no work at all so far but have some booked in for next month so I think it will be sporadic for a while until I get established). I have approx £12k in savings and own my own home (mortgaged). I know I will be entitled to CTC.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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