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Can anyone explain amazon pro / fba to me? I'm confused

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namechangeritis Wed 18-Sep-13 21:46:15

Hi all, I have been going over and over the same thing while trying to understand the fees attached to selling with Amazon. Is the only benefit of spending £25 per month on a pro account that you save 75p on final fees? Also, how does fulfillment by amazon work, if you send your goods to their warehouse, I know they charge for storage, picking and packing but who pays for the shipping? I'm finding it all so confusing.

m0nkeynuts Thu 19-Sep-13 12:01:47

The fees for the individual plan versus the pro plan are here.

You really just need to estimate the number of unit sales you're likely to make then see which would be the better deal for you. You can get 3 free months of Pro too, I think, if you want to try it out.

For FBA, there is a fee calculator here. The fees include shipping, if I remember rightly.

The big benefit of FBA for me is that the product is included on free supersaver delivery / Amazon Prime. I know as a customer that I often refine my search by products that are available for Prime delivery (i.e. I won't even see products that aren't available for Prime in my search results) and I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that!

Somethingfunny2 Fri 20-Sep-13 10:26:46

I find the amazon web site a misleading nightmare but would recommend calling them with all your questions - they're really friendly, no trying to sell you stuff.
I sell stationary so low value and went down the fba route after reading about it and doing the price comparison. For my 1st sale amazon took £2.89 fees off my £3 sale! After calling they admitted the comparison assumes you are a pro seller even doing fba but doesn't mention it any where and also said that although its not mentioned anywhere half my stock would be treated as a ' add on item' ie free delivery if buyer is buying £20 of other goods but I obtainable if not. They actually suggested they send my whole consignment of stick back at their expense.
I now sell as a pro seller sending stuff out myself as i sell more than 32 items a month ( their suggested break even number). I save on fees and there 's a lot of stock info available ( what you where selling this time last year, how many people are looking at you products etc).
Would really recommend writing a list of questions and going to contact us in their help section - they call you for free. Also worth remembering they seem to assume you're vat registered so numbers are quoted ex vat.
I've found it really exasperating at times but its by far my best selling channel.

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