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Maternity Allowance - advice needed please!

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Suffolkblush Wed 14-Aug-13 21:50:41

Hi all,

Can anyone advise me on the best course of action please?

Been reading through Maternity Allowance application threads on here this evening. What a minefield! I am 27+3 days pregnant (13 weeks to go) today and was going to submit my application tomorrow however I'm now thinking of holding off thanks to some decent black and white explaining of the rules on here.

I've been self employed since the birth of my first child in 2010. My 13 week test period invoices/payments etc prove that I should qualify for the full amount of Maternity allowance. However...

I also hold a small earning exemption certificate (i earn just under the threshold usually) and it now looks like because of this the Job Centre will ignore my earnings and use the certificate to pay me just £27 per week instead, a loss of over 3k!!

Have I got this right?!

From what I can tell on other threads I need at least 13 weeks of Nat Ins contributions to qualify for the full amount. Exactly what I've got until my due date.

So I'm thinking of calling HMRC tomorrow, cancelling the certificate, paying contributions for the remaining 13 weeks of my pregnancy (if I can get started early enough) and then applying once my baby arrives in November. Would this work do you think?

If I can pay contribs for this week I should 'just' make it...I think.

If I can't then it's probably not worth me even applying as I can earn £27 p/w with just a few hours work, which unfortunately means getting back to the grindstone the week after giving birth. How unfair is this system? Gah!

Thanks for reading - all advice appreciated!

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