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MA and class 2s and a tiny bit of employment confusing everything...HELP!

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sillyoldfool Wed 31-Jul-13 15:14:40

So, I thought I had all this MA thing sussed, I've been paying my class 2 NI contributions, and have been 100% self employed since October 2012.

If you're 100% self employed for your entire test period then you just have to have paid your class 2s and you automatically qualify for full MA.

If you have been employed during your test period you have to pick out 13 weeks worth of pay slips and they average them out to find what amount of MA you get.

My test period runs from 1st July 2012 - 5th October 2013, I was employed during that time - from July-October 2012, but I didn't work every week.
So they want me to provide them with 13 weeks of payslips to average out, I don't have 13 weeks of payslips (I didn't work 13 weeks), and the weeks that I do have I earned a tiny amount PAYE, if they average them out I will end up with a tiny amount of MA.

During that time however I was paying NI on my PAYE job, AND separate class 2 NI for being self employed.

The PAYE job was very pt and so I was self employed and employed at the same time.

Surely they should discount my brief employment and go on my payment of class 2 NI? otherwise I'm being heavily penalised for having paid extra NI. The difference would be about £100 a week. We can't afford not to get that.

Does anyone know anything about how to make this work for me?

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