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Looking for associates (academic proofreading/editorial)

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Elderfleur Thu 04-Jul-13 09:53:37

Hi, I am a freelance academic editor and proofreader, who is looking for temporary staff or associates to help with the summer MA rush - I always have more theses in than I can cope with, and am looking to build a small team to deal with these - have been doing it alone for the past few years, but its getting untenable. If anyone here is a postgrad looking for some congenial summer work, please get in touch: and I'll batch you over some more information. You can check out my site: if you want a nose at my credentials (sounds scary!) ;-)

FaddyPeony Thu 15-Aug-13 18:32:05

Hi OP, please pm me if you are still looking foe help with your workload. smile

FaddyPeony Thu 15-Aug-13 18:46:50

for help...

Beebles Fri 30-Aug-13 17:02:41

Hi Elderfleur. Are you still looking for help with this? If so, I may be interested, so please get in touch.

loveisagirlnameddaisy Tue 03-Sep-13 14:56:08

Hi OP, I'd also be interested in hearing more if you're still looking?

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