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Finishing work at 38+1 - reasonable??

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Talkinpeace Wed 31-Jul-13 09:19:18

yup, its YOUR mothers system - because biologically, she is more likely to be there when you have your babies ....
if your mum has sisters ask them and when was your mum born relative to due date ?

my whole female family have been 2 weeks late

badguider Wed 31-Jul-13 09:12:53

Does it always come from the mother? I ask because my physical build and appearance are VERY much my dad's side of the family... everything else I've inherited (teeth, skin, hair) is from them.

I'm pretty sure my brother and I were within a few days of my dd but I don't know about my dad's sister's children...

Talkinpeace Tue 30-Jul-13 22:53:32

when you have your baby relative to due date is genetic
ask your mother when you were born and all other births up the female line ....
I KNEW my kids would be born "late" - and they were ...

badguider Mon 29-Jul-13 20:47:44

haha! smile

No worries... I'm still holding in there at 34+4 so the end is in sight but hopefully I will make it to 38+1....

And I hear what you say about after but I'm not too worried about picking up the work that I will be doing at 3mo because it's from home, whenever I want (day or night) and doesn't involve much brain power or talking to others (all by email) and is low-stress.. it's by far the easiest of my jobs/clients.

NEScribe Mon 29-Jul-13 20:43:25

Sorry - realise you plan 3 mths off smile enjoy it!

NEScribe Mon 29-Jul-13 20:42:08

Yes, agree with others that it hould be fine smile sent my last work emails at 7am (warning people I would be unavailable) and DD born at 3pm.
Give yourself more time afterwards if you possibly can. I was not prepared for just how tired/busy/weepy/mumsy I felt and regretted promising to work part time hours soon after the birth.

Talkinpeace Sat 29-Jun-13 21:39:55

My last work day with DD was, after I'd left but was called back, when I was nearly a week over due
and I was a temp!

be honest with clients
it'll be fine

badguider Wed 26-Jun-13 20:30:09

My clients know.. but the contingency for two of the jobs would just be not finishing and handing over what i've done up to that point (and obviously only billing for what i've done) and for the other job would be finishing up somehow after the birth... eek!!

There's nobody I can get to do the third job, it has to be me... but even if I went into labour at 37 weeks the outstanding work would only be about one day's worth that i'd have to somehow get done in short bursts the first few weeks of my ds's life...

fanjobiscuits Wed 26-Jun-13 20:17:39

Am 39 weeks and finishing off a couple of things still...

fanjobiscuits Wed 26-Jun-13 20:16:40

I think it's fine as long as your clients know/ you have contingency in place in case.

badguider Wed 26-Jun-13 20:14:28

I'm currently 29+6 and work on a freelance basis for multiple concurrent clients on short-ish contracts usually planning my work about six weeks in advance.

So the time has come for planning my last weeks before taking time off for maternity. I've been turning down LOADS of work but still have three things on the table which will take me up to 38+1.

What do you think? Risky? What if I go into early labour? What are the chances of that happening really??

Any advice??

[If it's relevant, I've planned 3mo off completely, then two mo of working just 0.5 days a week for one client, then working 2 days a week with DH and MIL covering the first couple of weeks and nursery starting at 6mo]

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