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VT cashbook question - help needed!!

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trunkybun Mon 13-May-13 21:48:27

I have just started using this software to handle the accounts for my (very) simple sole trader business. Basically I buy secondhand furniture, renovate it, then sell it on. I have been using the package today, and have found it very easy for recording income and purchases etc. but is there a way to track stock levels with it? i.e I cannot see how I can attribute income to the sale of a particular item of stock, so that the stock level goes down appropriately?? Am I asking too much of a free piece of software?? - Sorry, I'm not sure this even makes sense, have brain ache now!!

MrAnchovy Thu 16-May-13 16:28:45

You are asking too much of a free piece of software. If you really need stock control you will need to look elsewhere and open your wallet, but you can always keep track of stock separately, either using a manual card system or a spreadsheet.

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