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nicolaelstone Sun 12-May-13 22:23:18

Hi I am very new to this and am looking at working at home. I have been transcribing market research focus group and one on one interviews for the past 10 plus years, but now that I am back fully on my feet and looking at full time again, I am finding it very difficult to find any vacancies out there for this type of work. Could anybody please give any advice on the best ways to find work at home transcribing vacancies please. Or any experiences you have had.

Thank you very much.

lovefreelance Mon 13-May-13 10:28:11

Hello, I'm a freelancer too in a similar field, and it's taken me a while of trial and error to build up a good, consistent client base.

To start, you need to be really clear about what you're offering, your particular USP, and who will be your clients (ie what kind of company or organisation need the services you offer).

Once you know this you can try and identify two things:

1) where they go generally to find people like you
2) and where they are generally online (ie are there any LinkedIn groups companies like these may post on, do they have Facebook pages etc).

In my experience, most vacancies don't get to the advertisement stage, and those that do are swamped with replies. So your best chance of finding work is to be proactive and find clients yourself - and once you get them keep them! I get most of my work now from regular or sporadic clients and word of mouth - plus from one freelance listing site that I have learned gives me the best leads.

There are also several internet listings sites for freelancers - do any of them have sections for transcribers? Have you googled freelance subscribers (as a potential client may do) to see what the competition is, and what groups you may join? There is a LinkedIn group for freelance subscribers:

There are some subscription jobs on here:

Also, check out the 'how to get work' for freelancers section of this site, it has a couple of articles on where to find work and networking tips:

Finally, it may be worth experimenting with google adwords. They'll create an ad for you which you can tailor to particular keywords and you only pay if someone clicks through to your website (assuming you have one).

Hope this helps smile

nicolaelstone Sun 26-May-13 21:47:11

Thank you very much Lovefreelance.

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