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cleaning in north pembs

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mrsboo1983 Sun 05-May-13 01:50:48

I have very recently started a cleaning business in the north of Pembrokeshire , its still very early days and as yet i only have 4 clients, i charge £10per hour using clients materials but keep a supply in the car if needed. What i want to know is what is considered a reasonable rate for a cleaner,, obviously as i become more familiar with the clients property and needs i will be able to complete the job in less time, therefore doing the same amount of work but for less money? If you have a regular cleaner what do you expect of them and in what sort of timescale,in a fourbed cottage with large conservatory i dust, polish, wipe skirting and door frames, hoover (move sofas and beds if im able to) mop hardflooring, dishes , clean kitchen and 2 bathrooms in about 3 hours. also what are peoples views on green cleaning as this is something ive been considering and is this a service you would be willing to pay a little bit extra for?
i live on the coast of Pembrokeshire and there are a lot of holiday lets in my local area what can i do to make my business appeal to these, welcome packs laundry service? is there anybody with any experience on how to approach this idea who can advise me? thanks smile

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