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Marketing freelancer seeks marketing freelancer buddy

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Sat 20-Apr-13 09:31:42

Hi there

I have been marketing freelancer since early 2011, following a career in marketing.

About this time last year a fellow marketing MNtter and I started a virtual buddy relationship (no money was involved).

It has been SO helpful. We caught up every couple of weeks on the phone to go through our work/businesses and in between would audit/sanity check work/ideas via email. We also ended up doing a small amount of work together. Working on our own we have both found it helpful to have this resource, I am sure it has helped our businesses to develop too. We were very lucky that the 'click' was there.

In this time we have both fallen pregnant and are due around the same time (!). As a first time mum she'll be offline for a while, so I am looking for a new buddy for a 6 month period who would find the same sort of relationship useful.

Obviously there will be a short period (around the birth in mid June) that I won't be online and I am intending to be on mat leave, but will still be developing my business & plotting my return etc. This is DC2 for me and DC1 is at school. Obviously I don't know how it will be with DC2, but last time I needed to keep busy and threw myself into various local voluntary things to keep myself occupied!

So here is my pitch about me, if it/I sound of interest!

-Marketing freelancer main markets are non-profits & SMEs
- I offer a mix of things from strategy through to social media
-I am fairly direct/forward, but I can take it in return
- I am generally fairly organised
- I have a dry sense of humour

About you:

- I am looking for somebody with marketing experience, you don't need to have been a freelancer for years, but I do want somebody who understands what I am on about!

- Ideally we won't have the exact same audience/market - but we can check that out privately

- Somebody who is fairly direct too, if we are to feedback to each other it is quicker if we are polite but direct

With my previous buddy we worked out some ground rules as to how it would work too ensure expectations were clear and met etc. It obviously needs to work for us both.

Anyway, if this sounds of interest can you PM me with info about you etc? We can then check the 'chi' on the phone to each other & talk about how we can use the 6 months etc. I am ready to start on this as soon as I find somebody.


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Sat 20-Apr-13 19:45:54

I'm not a marketing freelance but just wanted to say what a good idea this is. I'm a freelance is great at the moment but sometimes I feel a bit lost...and may think about finding another freelance writer to buddy up with! If not...maybe a freelance web developer! Good luck with your search!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sun 21-Apr-13 09:03:47

Hi Neo

Yes it has worked so well, I'd recommend it. It doesn't take up much additional time (not sure my post was clear but we didn't run every piece of work by each other, just bits we wanted to), yet it brings so many benefits. I think it helped us both to think beyond the here and now of delivering current work too.

Hope you find a buddy too. Are there forums for writers you could post on?


cakeaddict Mon 22-Apr-13 14:02:45

Hi - I might be interested (I 'recognise' you from the other freelance marketing thread...) will PM you later on. Got a client deadline to meet first and am not procrastinating by MNing, no I'm not

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