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childcare for the self-employed (part-time).

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badguider Fri 29-Mar-13 11:34:39

I started this thread in 'nursery' but I think it should have been here instead:

Can you help me? I'd appreciate all your thoughts on being s-e and using childcare... even if you don't think nursery is the best idea..


Talkinpeace Fri 29-Mar-13 13:17:41

I worked around my kids when they were small - evenings and splitting hours with GH
and I had a childminder friend who covered emergencies.
I've only started fixed hours of working now they are older.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Fri 29-Mar-13 18:40:32


DS was already at nursery due to me working when I left a job and started to freelance (I do marketing). We were in the lucky position of just about being able to cover the fees on DHs money should I not earn anything. confused

I was attracted to a nursery for all the reasons you gave. For me it provided minimum hassle and DS was v happy there. I might just have a robust child, but I think he only had a couple of days out of nursery over the 4 years he was there. I found nursery very parent focused and turning your child away was the last resort!

I think the main downside will be the lack of flexibility over days (should you need that) which you might be able to negotiate with a child-minder.

DS was in 4 days a week and I managed to not work on the Friday. I personally found I could meet client's needs during these days. Sometimes working of an evening if really busy etc.

As for which days, it depends on when your clients need you, but I would think about Tues/Wed and Thurs. If a client rings on a Mon, you then have 3 days to do the work that week? I have found Mons & Fris are generally when clients are focused on other things etc. It might also depend on what the nursery is willing to offer, some don't do Tues/Wed/Thurs combo, but as you have 4 to choose from they might be more accommodating/competative.

I know from this board (and as Talkin proves) there are lots of freelance MNtters who are able to manage without childcare but for me I needed that time to develop business & deliver work. I needed to know where I was as such.

I also think for me the reality of having to pay for childcare focused me on the business.

Not sure if this is any help. Good luck with it all.

Talkinpeace Fri 29-Mar-13 19:42:25

my busy season is coming up : my next 'available' date is 25th June
but that is because I keep Monday and Friday mornings clear so I can swim and go to Yoga grin

even before kids, when I worked full time I was a night owl : I'd roll in around 9.45 {I ran the network, no point arriving before the secretaries had broken the darned thing} and roll out around 8pm having done more after everybody except the partners went home, than I had all day.

If DH is away I regularly work till 1am (especially if fasting as then I'm WELL sharp) but then swim in the morning ....
BUT now the kids are teenagers I stop working at 9pm and sit with DH faffing and chatting

badguider Fri 29-Mar-13 20:04:42

Thank you both - it's so good to hear different ways people make it work.

I think that with 2days paid childcare a week and DH doing his part I can probably work about the equivalent of 3days a week and still have some kind of family life and field emails during babycare times.... who knows, we'll see.

I need tuesday afternoons for the first six weeks (teaching) but in a push dh could take half a day a week leave for those six weeks, but yes, ideally i'd take tuesday and either weds or thurs as nursery days because travel to clients isn't often on mondays or fridays as you say.

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