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When & how to apply for maternity allowance, tax credits etc?

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CareerGirl01 Tue 19-Mar-13 09:39:38

Call your local Job Centre and ask for a Maternity Allowance application form. Child Benefit forms will be given to you after baby is born or when you register the birth. Tax credits are only if you are working, and paying tax, I don't think you can claim them when you are claiming MA.

smallsmith Mon 18-Mar-13 17:38:17

Sorry if this has been covered in previous threads, but am wondering when & how I should apply for maternity allowance, tax credits, child benefit etc?

I'm entirely self employed, and have always done my own self assessments etc without an accountant. Do my best but not too confident with these things!

I'm only 16 weeks pg, but thought I should try and think ahead...any advice on best way to go about things much appreciated, thanks smile

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