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What is the best way to take non-cash payments?

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BedHog Sun 17-Mar-13 10:09:12

I'll be selling my products at a few fairs, shows, exhibitions etc. in the near future. It has been a while since I've done this as I've had a bit of a break to have children, and it seems technology has moved on a huge amount over this time!
In the past, I have just accepted cash and cheques at fairs, as to set up a credit/debit card facility would have meant a large set-up cost, monthly rental of a terminal and a commission charge, and it just wasn't financially viable.
Now I'm hearing about things like iZettle and similar applications, making Paypal payments on mobile phones - I have Paypal on my website but I'm not sure how it works on mobiles.
I'm embarrassingly behind on my technical knowledge of payment systems blush so hoping someone can recommend what would be the best thing for me to use. Payments would be mostly between £40-100, I'd only be doing around 3 or 4 fairs a year so don't want huge set up costs, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace with Android version 2.2.1 if that means anything!
Any advice gratefully received!! grin

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