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Career change, good idea??? Big doubts!

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AlwaysOneMissing Fri 22-Feb-13 15:27:57

The deciding factor I think is how passionate you are about the work. I'm guessing you must get something from it seeing as you don't really need the money and are still considering it despite the negative points you mentioned.
Being freelance will also have the benefit that you can decide on the hours you put in, and if you give it a go and it doesn't work out, just stop doing it! If it is being away from your family that is worrying you, I totally understand where you are coming from. BUT, from experience, if it's a job you enjoy that gives you fulfilment, you will get used to spending time away from the family ( and maybe even come to value it!).
If you try this and are successful, is there any chance if more family friendly hours in the future?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I say go for it.

kkoo Fri 22-Feb-13 11:13:33

Ok, so I'm thinking of returning to a career after 4.5 years. In the gap I've had a baby and I've built up my own business as a childminder working at home, now earning reasonably but working 50 + hours a week at the moment. With my baby grown to 4 years old now and at school I feel ready for a change.
I am excited about the thought of returning to work I used to love and only need to work 6 or so shifts per month as the money is good......
But... ;
I will be freelancing this time rather than employed, so no contracts, just covering other's holiday and sick leave, no guaranteed work.
I will have to commute to London, 2 hours each way.
I will be covering shifts - up to 12 hours, overnight/late night.
I will need to update my skills and train.
I'm worried I've lost my nerve after all this time!

My four year old can go to after school club/ friends until dad can collect on the evenings I'm working, but I will find it hard to be away.

Am I mad for wanting to give it a try?

I figure worst case scenario, I'm shattered two/three days each week, miss my family terribly on the days I work, feel unsettled not knowing when or if I'll be working and don't get as many shifts as I need to survive. Sounds dreadful now I think about it!

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