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House insurance to cover clerical use and visitors advice.

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professorpoopsnagle Wed 20-Feb-13 15:24:29

I've been working as a private tutor for just over a year and ATM I visit tutees in their homes. I'm considering switching to having students come to me, in the hope that I might be able to reduce my travelling time and increase my tutoring time, thus incraesing revenue as well as making life a little more easier for me. One of the things I need to consider is home insurance, so that it covers business visitors. A quick comparison on suggests only one provider able to do this with a premium increase of £100/year.

I'd like to try and get a few more quotes, does anyone have suggestions of where they have their cover?

Can I deduct the whole of the premium increase (i.e. £100) as a tax allowance? I ran 2 searches, one with current requirements and one with clerical visitors, so that is the 'business cost' if you like.

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