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WhatCassandraSaw Thu 14-Feb-13 11:50:54


Now I'm starting to understand the terms a bit more I don't think it's a marketing plan I need (I think I'm happy to figure out that myself) but it's probably copy I'm most nervous about.

'Cause if I launch to the right people but with the wrong message then I'll totally fail.

People are very cynical about educational software. So getting the message right I think is key.

WilsonFrickett Wed 13-Feb-13 19:59:14

So I'd start by doing your own plan as you say - it's likely you know your target market better than any marketer does. Then look round for someone to help you, the institute of chartered marketing has a list of freelancers (I think).

Cake is right that a good marketer should be able to help you with copy etc but it's not a given so ask to see samples etc first. Be very clear who will do what - are they helping you build a plan for you to then do the marketing, or are they doing your marketing for you?

You may find it cheaper to use a marketing consultant initially and then to develop a relationship with a copywriter, so if you need emails and stuff produced it can be done as a separate item.

The other thing is, depending how well you know your industry and product a lot of it is common sense. Who do you want to speak to (audience); how do you want to speak to them (channel) and what do you want to say (message). You should know much of this before you start any venture so a great deal of what you need to do, you know already.

WhatCassandraSaw Tue 12-Feb-13 16:11:17

Thanks. I'll PM you.

I have a name and website, but don't have a logo or stuff like that.

I don't need to fulfill orders because it's an online program. You just pay using PayPal and then you can use it.

I have a price. Although obviously hard to know if it's the right price for the target market.

So I guess now I need a marketing plan.

cakeaddict Tue 12-Feb-13 15:54:34

Yes, I think a marketing consultant should be able to help you answer those questions.

Also, have you thought about more fundamental things like how you price it, how you take orders & fulfil them etc? Do you have a name/brand? You need all that in place before you start selling.

It sounds to me as though you need someone to help you with your marketing plan (i.e. what you are going to do) and someone to help you action it (i.e. help you with writing good sales copy etc.). A good marketing consultant should be able to do both. Personally I'd look for a general all rounder (and not, say, a social media specialist or a branding specialist).

Have you looked for someone locally? Lots of local business networking groups etc always seem to have freelance marketers around.

If you want a skeleton marketing plan with some things that you need to think about then PM me and I can send you something that might be useful to get thinking like a marketer!

Good luck.

WhatCassandraSaw Tue 12-Feb-13 14:46:49

I need help with marketing.

I have created an educational software game which I now want to promote.

But I'm a computer programmer and know nothing about marketing.

Can anyone tell me who can help me? I.e. what kind of person or company can help me?

I kind of know who I want to tell about the game, I certainly know who my target market is, but I need help with wording emails and things like that.

I want to discuss with someone things like should I promote it via email or via flyers or face to face? What would I put on a flyer? How would I word a cold calling email?

So, what kind of a person do I need to help me?

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