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Does anyone use a payroll service (less than five employees?)

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ThingummyBob Wed 06-Feb-13 11:25:17

I don't use one, but I am one newbie. I think you'd be right to use a UK based agent for real time reporting coming this year.

If it was monthly we would charge around £15-£20 for so few employees.
Weekly/fortnightly woud be around £9 per pay run.

This would include all in-year admin (P45s etc) but we would charge an anuual fee of between £50-£100 for payroll year end depending on what was required (if pensions were needed etc.) We might reduce the annual fees soon if real time reporting makes the annual submissions easier/quicker!

We send all payslips etc directly to employer or can e-mail to employees for no extra charge. Individual postage would cost an extra 75p per payslip/P60 or whatever. all costs have Vat added at 20% btw.

I think we're pretty competetive and are based in north of England if that helps grin

Not touting for business btw as I am handing this over to someone else soon so don't want new clients, just thought it might give you an idea of cost smile

newbiefrugalgal Wed 06-Feb-13 11:10:27

I know it's easy to do HMRC online but as I am relocating overseas I think it might be easier to just have it UK based (although I could still do online if the costs are prohibitive) Just something I want to investigate?

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